Human-Powered Poetry
from the
Appalachian Trail
by Daniel "Screech" Zube
A Thru-hiker’s Perspective
Each person who steps foot on the Appalachian Trail (AT) has their own unique story. Throughout these stories, a common thread exists that connects them in such a way to create one shared experience. In these pages, this common thread is expressed in the form of short poems and corresponding photographs that were taken at specific mile markers along the Trail. 

For those who are familiar with the AT, certain images and words may conjure up 
memories of your own experience and allow you to relive them. Those who are less familiar will have a glimpse into what it is like to hike all 2189.8 miles of this national treasure through 14 states from Georgia to Maine.

“…an extraordinary combination of poetry and imagery that will prove impressively inspirational and entertaining…”
— Susan Bethany, Midwest Book Review
“...very charming poems that so beautifully and whimsically capture the essence of the A.T. experience...”
— Laurie Potteiger, Appalachian Trail Conservancy
 "...A treasure of a book that packs a wallop of haiku, landscape photography, and beauty..."
 Judge, IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award
“A simple, deftly crafted, and pervasive pleasure to browse through from cover to cover…”
— Susan Bethany, Midwest Book Review

" exhilarating read... I could hardly wait to get to the next page..."
 Judge, IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award

About the Book

A wonderful way to relive your own hike, or to inspire you to get outside and go on an adventure!

  • 97 poems and color photographs
  • Provides readers with an experience of thru-hiking all 2189.8 miles of the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine!
  • Travel over scenic mountaintops, across sweeping valleys and encounter wildlife amidst unrelenting rain, Trail magic surprises, and much more!
About the Author
    Daniel Zube is a professional mechanical engineer and inventor with a passion for improving the energy efficiency of various systems. He has published peer-reviewed, scientific journal articles in Boiling Point; A Practitioner’s Journal on Household Energy, Stoves and Poverty Reduction, and also in International Journal of Energy for a Clean Environment
    Prior to his thru-hike, he had similar travel experiences including backpacking in Australia and New Zealand, cycle-touring through Europe, and rafting/kayaking through Grand Canyon National Park.
    In his free time, you will find him planning his next adventure while engaging in various human-powered activities such as cycling, mountain biking, trail running, triathlon, and skiing. He is also a strong supporter of local organic agriculture and sustainable living practices.